Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city which draws in many visitors with its unique blend of culture and modernity. Its numerous temples, shopping malls and famous entertainment venues attract millions of international visitors every year, thus making it an attractive all-round destination. Before setting out to explore this city and its many offerings, it would be wise to search for a hotel in Bangkok that best suits your budget and purpose of visit – be it for business or pleasure. We shall now proceed to guide you in selecting the right hotels for your specific preference and budget.You would be pleased to note that in Bangkok, hotels generally offer great value, no matter which price category you are looking at. This is largely due to the cheapness of the Thai Baht in relation to your home currency, which means that you can get a mid-range hotel with a 3- to 4-star rating for a similar price as a 2-star hotel in the West. Hotels of different price ranges can also be found throughout the city, making it convenient to find suitable accommodation no matter which part of the city you choose to be your base. In particular, budget hotels, which are normally located further from the city centre in other cities, can be easily found in close proximity to the hustle and bustle in the middle of Bangkok. This makes it especially attractive to travelers on a tight budget, as it saves you money for other activities such as shopping and nightlife which are two of the main draws of this vibrant city.On top of it, you are also likely to encounter great service and a slew of modern amenities and inclusions such as complimentary daily breakfast, flat screen TVs in your room, business facilities and fitness centres, among others, making these hotels truly value for money. In general, hotels here offer lower room rates during the off-season which runs from March to November. We shall now offer some recommendations on where you can stay in Bangkok depending on your budget.Travelers who want to indulge in a stay in a deluxe 5-star hotel in a central location should consider the Sukhumvit district, which is located right in the heart of Bangkok and is home to a variety of brand-name international hotel chains and boutique hotels. By staying here, you are in close proximity to numerous international fine dining and nightlife entertainment venues which draw in a mixed crowd of affluent Thais and expatriates, which lends an international flavour to the clubbing scene here. Besides being able to enjoy the high life in this district, you can also easily travel to other parts of Bangkok due to its centrally-accessible location. The Silom district, where the headquarters of major financial institutions are situated, likewise provides similar high-end accommodation options which are nearby the classiest restaurants and bars in Bangkok.While there are many less expensive budget hotels scattered all across Bangkok, including in the high-end Sukhumvit and Silom districts, the best known area popular with budget travelers and backpackers is Khaosan Road. Here you can find a variety of cheap accommodation that ranges from guesthouses with the most basic facilities to decent 3-star hotels. The widespread presence of bars, restaurants and clubs, that are tailored to the needs of budget-conscious travelers exude a casual atmosphere while offering value for money dining and entertainment in the area. Other than Khaosan Road, inexpensive hotels can also be found at Yaowarat Road, which forms the core of Bangkok’s Chinatown where you can find vendors touting a large selection of wares at low prices. Travelers looking for close proximity to the most comprehensive shopping options in Bangkok can also consider a stay in Siam Square which is well-known for being close to a myriad of shopping and entertainment amenities.To get around Bangkok from your hotel, you have several options in the form of taxis / Tuk Tuk, the rail system, river transport and buses. However, we recommend the rail system, which consists of the Sky Train (BTS), and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) as they get you around Bangkok and to the major tourist attractions in a cheap, clean and efficient manner. We do not recommend road transport due to the chronic traffic congestion problem that Bangkok is notorious for. However you can consider taking a short taxi ride to the nearest BTS or MRT station if your hotel is not within walking distance of one.

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