A Liberal Arts Major – Is It Really Worth It?

Well, it’s that time again, college is back in session. Today, it’s more costly than ever and the tuition prices on average are going up by 5-10% every year. The University system in CA tells us that they have no choice but to raise college tuition 8% per year for the next three years. Of course, the kids will have to take out student loans, and one has to ask how they will pay those back. I am completely perplexed by some of the liberal arts majors, and wonder how on Earth those kids will find work where their degrees are even remotely apropos.Not long ago, I talked with a History Major who was considering a philosophy minor. Now then, a good dose of philosophy is appropriate, but too much is just a mind trap, and history is very important as those who do not study it are as we all know; doomed to repeat it. After hearing this choice for a college major I asked him, and I may as well be asking you the same thing if you are considering a degree in history;Okay so, history is an interesting topic indeed, what are your thoughts on the studies showing that our students and education in the US falls down in history when pitted against other first world nations? It seems we do “decent” in math, science, reading, writing, but history we are not doing all that hot. Then, with that reality do you have any thoughts on famous quote; “those who fail to study their history are doomed to repeat it” – because that could pose a challenge for us in the US.With regards to the reality that many school districts are re-writing text books, thus also the history of the past, would you be worried we are likely to also repeat past mistakes since we are studying our history incorrectly? The history of economics in the world is quite fascinating, as too is the history or warfare. It seems that African American History is interesting, but is that in itself a viable major for getting job?Philosophy is interesting, but what really intrigues you most about philosophy, and is it a topic that you enjoy? And just because someone thinks they like thinking about philosophy, they need to ask themselves if they have been avoiding the “hard sciences” in exchange for a liberal arts type education because quite frankly it’s a hell of a lot easier. Sure it’s easier to complete, but will that really help you get a job out here in the real world?For those on a sports scholarship, they should be asking themselves; Am I doing this because I am an athlete and am being pushed into “easier classes” or classes which are perceived to be easier or perceived to be requiring less thought?Lastly, I dare to ask you; are you worried that your liberal arts education will brain-wash you into a particular way of thinking? Many parents worry about such things for their offspring, I often worry about such things, as I watch what our education system is producing. One has to be very careful choosing a degree program for college, so I hope you will please consider all this.

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